My Tips On How To Maintain Your Body, Mind, and Soul

All of us know that as we age, we need to take care of our heart, our bones, as well as the rest of our body by eating well, exercising, and so forth. But at the same time, we often do not think of protecting the brain, that organ which distinguishes us from animals.

The thought of losing your mind to cognitive decline is certainly terrifying, and it’s understandable to want to not think about it. But taking care of your brain to keep it healthy throughout your life isn’t that difficult. Here are a few basic ideas to keep your mind active and body strong.

Keep Learning

Education isn’t something we do for a decade or two in school. It is something we should do every day, as we experience new perspectives and ideals which enrich our lives. By exercising the brain just as we exercise our muscles, we keep it strong and working. And that does not touch into the other, obvious benefits of constantly learning throughout your life.

So read books, try brain exercises, and do not waste all your time in front of a computer screen. Inc has some great tips on how you can keep gathering knowledge throughout your life.

Proper Dieting

We all know the importance of eating well, and the right foods can help stimulate your brain. By way of example, blueberries contain protective compounds called anthocyanins which can help protect brain cells and prevent hearing and memory decay.

Other examples of brain food include tomatoes, oily fish, and nuts. Eating healthy for your brain isn’t that different from eating healthy in general. Limit consumption of red meat and fats, load up on vegetables and fruits, and you will continue to keep your mind working.

Exercise Proper exercise builds up your brain and body just as much as a proper diet will. Exercise increases your heart’s ability to pump blood, which means that more blood gets to your brain and keeps your cells healthier. There are countless studies which show that an active lifestyle can prevent mental decay, but that should be patently obvious from watching any stagnant couch potato.

Getting back in shape after being inactive for a while can be challenging, but there is always some physical activities which anyone can do. Some examples include just climbing stairs, squats, and swimming.

Listen to Music

You have probably heard stories of how some overactive parents force their kids to listen to Mozart to improve their mind and hearing. While that’s taking it too far, music is a proven stimulant of the mind and may even help elderly drivers. It invokes certain emotions and feelings and engages our brains, even at a subconscious level.

You hardly need to go overboard with music, and will listen to it whenever you please. But even a soft, soothing tune playing in the background while you focus on chores can help your head by a bit.


Books and music are good ways to experience and learn about new places, but the best way to learn is get outside, do things, and talk to other people. Modern social isolation bred partially by how we shut ourselves up with our tablets and laptops is a real problem both on the individual and community level especially for older people. We cannot utilize and exercise our brains best with no help of others who are able to teach us new ways to look at the world.

Look for a communal hobby or volunteer organization you can get involved with, engage with friends and family regularly, and be a member of the community. That will not just help your mental health, but the health of others as well.

Worried About Cancer? – Check Out These Facts

Even if you receive yearly check-ups and screenings and do not have a history of cancer in your family, it is still possible that cancer cells can form in your body and spread and grow. If you do not know about how to prevent or treat this disease, please read the tips contained within this article.

Chemotherapy can damage the body in many ways. One key to remaining healthy throughout your treatment is to keep your weight stable and your immune system strong. If you are losing weight, eat calorie-rich, sugar-free foods. Also use foods and vitamins to boost your immune system, such as vitamin C, garlic and tomatoes.

One of the best ways to avoid getting cancer is to avoid doing things which may cause cancer. Two of the biggest offenders when it comes to causing cancer are smoking and tanning beds. Staying away from these two things gives you a much better chance at being cancer free.

imagesWhen battling cancer it is important to surround yourself with people who will honestly listen to your opinions and feelings without judgment. There are days when you are going to be angry, frustrated or sad and you need to be able to express those feelings openly and honestly when need be.

Seeking support from a support group is important when you are battling cancer and getting help. You will be able to learn valuable information from people who have already been in your shoes. They will be able to tell you what they went through and what things really worked for them.

Carcinogens are known to cause cancer. A common place to find carcinogens that most people do not realize is on wooden decks and play sets. Wooden decks and play sets built before 2005 are likely to contain a coating of arsenic pesticide. This coating can stick to skin and clothes and increase the chances of causing cancer in the body.

Simple moral support can help someone with cancer is indescribable ways. Something like a simple “I love you” said to someone can have a lasting positive effect that helps people to heal and grow. Emotions play a big role in the fight against cancer, and reminding someone of your love for them is good for everyone involved.

All women over 40 should be receiving at least one mammogram per year in order to catch breast cancer early. Breast cancer wreaks havoc on millions of women, and catching it early is undoubtedly the best way to fight this type of cancer to date. Start annual mammograms after you reach 40.

Do not fear the small level of discomfort if you are due to be screened for breast cancer. It only lasts a short time, and is more than tolerable. The result could be the awareness of cancer that could save both your life and your breasts. That is why it is important not to let your fears get in the way from you getting a screening.

A good tip to deal with cancer in general is to make sure you earn yourself some good karma points. Donating to cancer research and other cancer-specific charities helps you to feel good and will certainly help assist in the ongoing fight against this brutal disease. And if karma is real, airing on its good side wouldn’t hurt.

If you have cancer, accept what you need to now so that it won’t be so hard later. Strengthening your resolve now will help you in your battles later.

Don’t take cancer lying down. Your life is worth fighting for, so adopt a positive attitude and remind yourself continually that you are going win against the cancer.

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer or have had it for some time I would highly suggest finding and joining a cancer support group. Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to deal with emotionally because it’s mortality rates. Having a support group will help you cope and enjoy your life the best you can.

Know your individual risks for cancer, including your age, gender, race, and family history. These things could give you more information than you think, especially when you begin showing symptoms that otherwise could be misdiagnosed. If you are aware of an increased risk of cancer, you can target your issues appropriately with a health care professional.

Prior to treatment, ask important questions so that you’re aware of the physical changes that you can expect. Being prepared for what’s to happen can help you deal with the changes better. If you’re going to suffer hair loss, talk to other cancer patients to get first-hand experience and ideas regarding makeup, wigs and even shaving so that you can be ready when your day comes.

Put traveling off for now! If you are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, it may be wise not to travel. First and foremost, you do not want to skip any treatments! Also, your immune system is weak and traveling – increases your risk of getting sick or getting an infection – which can cause major problems!

Start a journal. Sit down each evening and spend a few times expressing your thoughts and feelings in a private journal. Write poetry if it helps you to get these feelings out. Letting them out, even if nobody else knows them, is going to help you cope with this tough situation.

Find some relaxing music and uplifting books. These are going to be quite helpful in finding a great way to relax and get some positive vibes while doing it. You may find quite a few books out there that will help you through this time in your life and music that is very soothing while battling with cancer.

Now, of course, one article full of tips does not make you an expert, but arming yourself with little tips and tactics you can use if the worst does happen is a great way to make sure you can beat the disease. Better safe than sorry applies for almost everything in life, especially cancer. Use what you’ve learned here to your benefit.